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Photo credit: Bordanaro and Zarcone

When not being used to teach new members the secret hand shake, the Elks Club Rathskeller Room was often used for the ARPD’s end-of-year baseball awards banquet. 1969 was no exception as this photo shows Elks member, Mark Happ, and the Grand Exalted Poobah, Don Landreth, congratulating some of the league’s top baseball players. Can you name who they are?

The answer is: Monte Pries (Krusi), John McKee (Krusi) and Darrell Greer (Woodstock)

This Holiday edition of Who Am I? was sponsored by Bonnie Bowman Archery, formerly located at 2007 High Street. Our winner would have received a trip to this year’s Bowman Elk Trot, during which members of the Alameda Elks Club don a full rack and run across the indoor range while anxious hunters draw a bead on them. Unfortunately, only one of the crew in our photo was identified… Monte Pries. Our almost Elk hunter is Gary Veasy. Gary, we’ll get you a rubber tipped dart gun instead. You can chase Jim Kelly around the St. Philip Neri campus.


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Here is a list of the Alameda Recreation & Park Department Boys Baseball All-Stars from 1963. Of interest to note, although a member of the Little Coast League Champion, Franklin Eagles squad, future MLB All-Star shortstop, Chris Speier was not among the ’63 stars. That honor went to Vic Gerson, John OBrien and Mike Reeder. See if that piece of trivial knowledge can win you a beer down at McGee’s Bar & Grill.


Edison: Chuck Sewell

Estuary: Ken Walker

Franklin: David Farewell, Jerry Manis, Mike McCollum, Jeff White

Krusi: Ken Morris, Robert Olson, Gary Westmoreland

Lincoln: Chuck Sabbatini, John Tudal

Longfellow: David Jorgensen

Lum (Rittler): Mike Bordner, Bobby Davis, Jim Davis, Alan Deines

McKinley: Don Albright, Stan Bice, Jerry LaHue

Woodstock: Doug Mahoney


Estuary: Royce Ford, Jr., Forrest Haymon, Wendell Jones, Cliff Locklear, Reginald Mims, Larry Thomas

Franklin: David Inman

Godfrey: Dennis Peterson

Krusi: Mike Frecerro, Mark Hansen, Mike McKee

Lincoln: Mike Reichoff

McKinley: Ray Pagano

Washington: Willis Kellar, Steve Lucero

Woodstock: Rolando Araujo, Roger Alexander, Dan Hackley, Ron Hunter


Estuary: Glen Abrams

Franklin: Vic Gerson, John O’Brien, Mike Reeder

Krusi: Steve Svendson

Lincoln: Steve Bartley, Greg Orton

Longfellow: Gilbert Araujo, Jim Sullivan

McKinley: Pat Sloan, John Westerbeck

Washington: Charlie Lucero, John Fernandez, Rich Fernandez

Woodstock: Robert Boyd, Ron Elliott

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ARPD Park Director

Jim Pitts has been fixture on the Garden Isle as long as I can remember. First with the ARPD in a variety of positions, then as an employee of the Alameda Police Department. Jim could flat out move. I vividly remember him running down more than one park rat following some transgression of the rules.

Tours of Duty: McKinley (1968)

Jim Pitts in 1968 (Photo: Bordanaro and Zarcone)


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Park Rat and ARPD Park Director

Larry was an Estuary Ram who shared his memories of Estuary Park in PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Saga. He also went on to work for the ARPD as a PD. Larry was a gifted all-around athlete and signal caller for the Encinal Jets varsity football team.

Tours of Duty:

QB Wayne in action against Berkeley - 1968 (Photo: Bordanaro and Zarcone)

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With a holiday week approaching, some ex-pat Alamedans will be returning to the Garden Isle for a whiff of mom’s (grandma’s) Thanksgiving turkey and home cooking. Take a minute to climb up in the old attic searching for your childhood ARPD treasures. T-shirts, trophies, and photos!

If you happen to run into anyone from the “old days”, please pass along news of PlayBall – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog. Ask them to take a moment and send us some names and memories.

Hopefully, an old Ram or two will find their way along the cyber trail to share some recollections of the “park” that had its backstop removed… never to be returned.

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ARPD Park Director

Gary was one heck of an athlete and coached the ARPD Flag Football South All-Stars in 1968. He also paired with Sandy Sousa and Rich Sherratt at Franklin Park.

Tours of Duty: McKinley, Lincoln, Franklin (1968)

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After receiving reports that some neighborhoods on the Garden Isle had no Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween night, the staff at PlayBall! decided to provide our readers with a virtual visit.

“Trick Or Treat?!!!”


Gary and Kin in 1963 (Photo © PlayBall! - Alameda's Sandlot Blog)

Congratulations to Gary Veasy, who’s internal memory drive is still spinning, as he correctly identified the characters in this photo as himself (Black Beard the Pirate) and the editor of this madcap blog (Superman). Gary wins a gift certificate to Tucker’s Ice Cream for a delicious Tommy Tucker cone.

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