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PlayBall! reporters welcome Soares Frankel

PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog is pleased to announce that Sue Soares Frankel has earned status as a Cub Reporter. She joins Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent and Lois Lane on the staff. Sleuthin’ Sue has contributed another 12 names to the All-Time park rat rosters. Her latest discoveries (shown below) are ladies who participated in the 1973 Junior Girls All-Star Softball Classic.

Thanks, Sue. Now get to work! I want another 100 by week’s end.

Ann Madock – Godfrey

Karen Tipton – Lincoln

Maggie Dermont – Longfellow

Michelle Shircliffe – Longfellow

Sue Petross – McKinley

Marsha Copple – Rittler

Eva Santos – Rittler

Sabrina Burhanan – Washington

Tony Mitchell – Washington

Dareth Barwick – Woodstock

Julie Lynch – Woodstock

Suzy Lynch – Woodstock


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Sue Soares Frankel dusted off the old scrapbook that her mother had made for her back in the 1970’s. In it she found the names of some former Lincoln teammates that were missing from All-Time Roster. Thanks to Sue, we’ll now add these Tiny Mite League players to their rightful place in virtual ARPD immortality.

Bonnie Loux

Karen Shields

Robin Tortorica

Mary Valencia

Renee Valenzuela

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PlayBall! just learned that former park rat, Paul Murphy, was miffed because his name wasn’t among the honored roll call of Krusi Colts. A liitle sibling jealousy no doubt as his brother Barry has been featured on these hallowed halls of baseball the Internet. Fear not Paolo, you are now officially Park Rat #2,073 and #277 for those only keeping track of former Colts.

Paul is living in Las Vegas running a world class herb and spice business known as Al Dentes Provisions. I’ve been down to his facility and I can say he does have the freshest products in the industry. It’s also nice to see that he hired all the gumbas who are out of work now that The Sopranos is in re-runs. Thinking about using McCormick or Schilling products? Forget about it! Call Big Paulie @ (702) 642-1100.

The King of Spices working his way into playing shape on the French Riviera

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Photo by Bordanaro & Zarcone

A broken arm was not about to stop Keith “The Don” Loux from grabbing a bat and helping his Krusi teammates. The iron man of the ARPD Bantam League is shown here in August – 1970. The Don’s determination to get into the game, cast and all, is illustrative of how much park rats loved to play baseball every day. In the new era of “Mom, will you drive me to practice?” it’s nice to think back on a time when every day meant getting to the park early and often. It was a summer filled with the endless informal practice provided by games of pick-up baseball. A kid just couldn’t get enough at bats.

“Where have you gone Keith Loux? Empty summer sandlots turn their lonely eyes to you!”

(Apologies to Simon and Garfunkle for our clumsy adaptation of your classic song “Mrs. Robinson”)

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Occassionally, the Times Star’s original PlayBall! supplement would feature photos of players without identifying the park they were associated with. This is understandable as the staff was often busy tracking the island’s social whirl or an upcoming fall fashion line to be unveiled at Alburt’s Menswear or Goldmans. The photo below is one such example.

This shot, captured by the Amazing Acamar, features exciting action from the 1973 Junior Girls All-Star softball game. We see Carol Tkotch stirring up her home Krusi Park infield as Leila Lugdasmer stretches to snare the ball for an out. Unfortunately, we have precious little information beyond this. So park rats, help us out.

What park did Leila play for? And, was she on the victorious North squad that tallied ten runs, or the South nine who failed to push across anyone across the plate in this summer classic? The City Desk editors at PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog anxiously await your input.

Photo by Acamar - Kodachromic Man of Mystery

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Park Director

Tours of Duty: Lincoln

Sue was a great softball coach!

Sue Soares Frankel

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Our cavalcade of 1973 diamond action continues with this photo taken in late August. Can you name these three Bantam League players from the host Lincoln Lions and visiting Franklin Eagles?

Bantam League Shuffle (Photo by Acamar)

That’s Robert Childers in the two-stripe tube sox stretching to get his foot back on the bag. Meanwhile, Eagle fielders Jim Foley and Andy Arminanio are waiting for the ball to arrive.

The winner of this week’s Who Am I? mystery is… Reggie VanPelt. Mr. VanPelt will a large order of delicious french fried potatoes from Ryders Drive-In, located at the corner of Central Ave. and Oak Street. Served piping hot in a specially designed thermal silver container, these crinkle cut fries are all the rage for Island City park rats!

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