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Thanks to Dave Stebbins, park rat emeritus and aspiring PlayBall! reporter,  the following cats now prowl among the immortal ranks of the Longellow Tigers. This roster move also puts the West End heroes over the storied 200-player mark!

Gary Mann

John Mann

James Richard

Ron Richard

Dave Stebbins

Geremy Stebbins

Kyle White


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Roster Wire for April 14, 2010:

Ronny Farris – Godfrey

Mickey Fox – McKinley

Mark Galletto – Krusi

Bill George – Franklin

Bill Orr – Rittler

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Roster moves fresh off the police radio.

“Attention all units… Be on the lookout for the following six park rats who all played in the 1968 ARPD Police League. They are believed to be armed with hickory clubs and cowhide projectiles. They are considered to be dangerous on the diamond. Use extreme caution when approaching and do not attempt to apprehend without back up from a park director.”

[Note: Shown next to the player’s name and park affiliation we’ve also listed the local business that sponsored the individual park’s Police League entries back in the day. – Editor]

Don Callahan – Washington (Fosters Freeze)

Eric Cross – Washington (Fosters Freeze)

Pat Dillon – McKinley (Island Jewelers)

Harold Silva – Lincoln (Alameda Muffler Service)

Mike Wenzel – Washington (Fosters Freeze)

Bill Yarbrough – Washington (Fosters Freeze)

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Can you name this Player of the Week from 1968?

HINT: It’s not Rusty from The Danny Thomas Show – aka. Make Room For Daddy.

Start the confetti machine and strike up the band because the answer is…


This Krusi Park star earned Midget Player of the Week honors by going 3-for-4, with 4 RBIs including the game winner. The victory clinched Coach Barry Weiss’ Colt Nine a spot in the 1968 ARPD Midget League playoffs. Dennis’ slick glove also handled five chances in the field without incident.

The correct answer was submitted by Marisa McDonald.

PlayBall! would like to thank this week’s Who Am I? sponsor: Chicken Delight located at the South Shore Shopping Center. Don’t cook tonight… Call Chicken Delight!

Don't cook tonight...

Oops, we’ve just learned that Chicken Delight has flown the coop, so to speak. The competition from Lola’s Chicken must have been to much to overcome. What’s that you say? Lola’s is gone, too?! Holy Cow! Sorry, Marisa, no chicken for you. How about a Tommy Tucker cone from Tucker’s Ice Cream instead?

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At the end of every spring training, there’s a flurry of activity by GMs hustling to finalize their 25-man rosters. PlayBall! is no exception to the rule.

Here are the latest sandlot heroes to join their respective All-Time Park Rosters:

Mike Bergman – Godfrey

Steve Chavez – Godfrey

Rick Ensley – Godfrey

Tom Ilacqua – Godfrey

Allison “Buzzy” Bordner-King – Franklin

David Lucky – Godfrey

Anthony Nelson – Woodstock

Barry Nelson – Rittler

Dean Robertson – Woodstock – Park Rat #2,100

Mark Showalter – Godfrey

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The Gigantes beat the Astros! And the Pachyderms… well, maybe next year. But the good news for everyone is that baseball season is now underway! And with the first pitch comes more from the archives of PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog.

Since school is still in session, let’s start in the hallowed halls of education. Here’s a snapshot from Lum School – 1965. Can you find an ARPD diamond ace lurking among these 6th Grade Einsteins?

TOP ROW – Danny Marshall, unknown, Franklin Eagle pitcher Steve Choy, unknown, unknown, Steve Farino (Franklin), unknown, unknown, Mike Bartell, Harry Schaefer.

Any other park rats in this photo?

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