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Alameda (AP) – Thousands of rats are reported to be streaming into Alameda, California. Witnesses say that these are not your ordinary rodents but giant park rats (parkacius rodentus) weighing as much as three hundred pounds and reaching over six feet tall. Local authorities are asking residents of the island city to remain calm as these creatures are not dangerous and often make good pets.

“The giant park rat is making one of its rare migrations to Alameda” Professor E. R. Hildabrand of the University of California – Berkeley told reporters. “They pose no threat to humans unless you are holding a bag of sunflower seeds or a soda pop. In those instances you should place the food items on the ground and walk slowly away. The park rat is particularly attracted to bricks of pink popcorn and Cragmont Cola.”

The rats appear to be congregating at Upper Washington Park in Alameda. Scientists believe that this is a one day event that will hit its peak TODAY between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Local resident Dean Henry had this to say, “Gee! This is swell!”


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No adjustment of your computer monitor is necessary. Do not attempt to change the screen. We are now in control.

You love the Krusi Colts. You love the Krusi Colts. You love the Krusi Colts.

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Thanks to Kim Watkins, who alerted us that her sister also played for the mighty Franklin Eagles, we have reached another milestone…

Tracy Watkins – You are former park rat #2,300!

Honorable mention goes to Noreen Roth of Longfellow at 2,299.

Retro shirt graphics created by Lindzi Mapplebeckpalmer

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Join former park director Mark Ambrosini and his 1983 Woodstock PeeWee team this Saturday, July 31 at the Alameda All-Parks Reunion – Washington Park – 11:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Bring lots of sardines with your picnic. Seals love them!

Photo courtesy of Mark Ambrosini

Mark’s undefeated Seals are shown celebrating after their big win to get them to the 1983 PeeWee League championship game. Can you name them?

FRONT ROW: Duane White (4th from left)

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The Washington Pirates, and their former leader Roger Alexander, look forward to hosting the first Alameda All-Parks Reunion.

SATURDAY, JULY 31 – 11:00 to 4:00 PM

1:00 PM – Official Welcome and Commemoration – Special recognitions for the late Curt Motton (former park rat, Encinal HS, Baltimore Orioles); and Sandy Bertero a career ARPD employee and memorable former park director.

Bring your memories, picnic lunch, lawn chairs, ice chest, and all the family units (those long suffering folks who’ve heard stories of your childhood sandlot heroics for the past 30 years or longer). It’s going to be a great day!

And now, here’s the “Rajah” and some of your Buccaneer hosts…

ARPD Midget League Champs in 1975 (Acamar photo)

Top Row: Tony Reyes, Mike McGreaney, Tony Tramble, Park Director Roger Alexander, Marvin White, Butch Buchanan, Ben Brieger, Roger Viray, Rich Garcia, Chuck Contaxis.

Bottom Row: Can you name us?

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Tonight, Marty Lurie, KNBR 680’s human baseball encyclopedia, gave the Alameda All-Parks Reunion a nice on-air plug. Thanks, Marty! Hope you’ll come out and join us on Saturday.

Be sure to check out Marty’s website: Love of the Game Productions

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The staff at PlayBall! just received a message from the great beyond… direct from Abraham Lincoln. The Great Emancipator is not happy. Apparently Mr. Lincoln, a regular reader of PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog, has noted that few Lincoln Lions have RSVP’d for the upcoming Alameda All-Parks Reunion. Not that an RSVP is required but while other parks have made their looming presence well known, Lincoln Park has been largely silent.

Did former park director Brad Rankin take them on a road trip to Chula Vista? Is Kenny Arnerich holding a golf tournament for his Hornet Nine on the same day? Have they switched allegiance to Edison Playground, or worse yet, Krusi? Oh, the humanity of it all! Lions where are you? Honest Abe wants to know.

“Lil” expects a good turnout by his neighbors!!

Lincoln Lions - PeeWee League Runners-up 1975 (Acamar photo)

Bottom Row: Jeff King, Brian Andrews, John Ferris, Chris Target, Louie Manzo, Peter Veenbaas

Top Row: John Cruz, Greg Koubek, Mike McGregor, Robert Childers, Brad Oliver, Zackary Frazer, David Proctor, and Lion Tamer Brad Rankin

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