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If you are a true Alamedan you can never get enough local lore. Once again our good friends Dewey St. Germaine (Buena Vista Ram), Brian McDonald, and the Alameda Museum have combined to produce a remarkable exhibit recalling the island’s rich athletic history. This reporter has been sidelined with pneumonia, however, the phone lines at PlayBall! have been ringing off the hook with reports of another successful Alameda Sports Exhibit.

Don’t wait! Climb on your Schwinn Stingray and peddle down to the Alameda Museum, located on Alameda Avenue (of course) between Park and Oak Streets. The 2nd Annual Alameda Sports Exhibit will be held from August 14 – September 30, 2010 at the Alameda Museum. This year’s exhibit features some very special local sports heroes… I’m not spilling the beans, you just have to see it for yourself!!! As always photos, trading cards, authentic game used equipment and other memorabilia of former and current professional & college athletes from Alameda will also be displayed. Admission is FREE. Trust me, you won’t find a better value anywhere!


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How many Rattos does it take to make a reunion?

Robb "the human bullhorn" and Denise (Photo courtesy of Lester Mina)

If it’s an Alameda event you know there will be some Rattos in attendance. For decades they have been an integral part of the Island community. The recent Alameda All Parks Reunion was no exception. This reporter saw a Bobby, Donnie, Kathy, Marie, Robby, Stevie and a Denise. Only the Osmonds could pull more family fire power. It’s obvious that the Ratto clan has a nose for fun. The only question everyone asked was “Where’s Ray? Has he gone Hollywood?”

Bob Ratto, Don Sherratt, Bob Howard and Jim Pitts (Mina photo)

Kathy and Steve Ratto

Don Ratto and a member of that other prolific Alameda family

Last but not least, a “wanna-be-a-Ratto” poses with Denise

Bob "Rocko" Rhodes tries to achieve Ratto status (Photo by Mina)

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To quote the great Casey Stengel “It was amazin’!”

On behalf of the entire 2010 Alameda All Parks Reunion Team we want to thank everyone who made the event such a great day. True to form, West End hospitality welcomed hundreds of “kids” and family members back to their old ARPD stomping grounds for a day of happy memories. The common sentiment among all park rats and park directors in attendance can be summed up by the one question that all were asking: “When is the next one?”

A full recap of the days events is forthcoming, but we need a nap! You are all great people and we’re happy that no matter where you live today, Alamedans still have their sense of community… especially the park rats!

Kin Robles and John Canalin

El Presidente and The Chief of Staff (Photo courtesy of Lester Mina)

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