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Like all great socio-anthropologic efforts, you will never know everything about any one subject. It’s an ongoing search to uncover the unknown. So, too, is the case with PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog. We’ll never rest until every park rat has been identified, all the old shirts re-discovered, and every last one of Barry Weiss’ sunflower seed casings unearthed well, maybe we need SuperFund resources for that last one).

Thanks to a recent post by Fready B. Wishups, we know have a new path to follow. Mr. Wishups calls attention to what was once known as the Webster Playground. Our staff will will now begin to explore where Webster Playground was located and more about a seemingly forgotten haven for Alameda’s west end kids.

Here’s what Fready has to share: “WEBSTER PLAYGROUND had the following players: Tommy Harper, Sidney Lane, Mac Arthur Lane, Donald Johnson, Milton Johnson, James Carter, Marvin White, Emerson Johnson, James Nelson and more that I can’t think of now… Mr. (Don) Grant was a Playground Director at both Webster and Estuary with Webster being his first assignment.

So park rats and would be “socio-anthropologists” everywhere, start scraping the memory banks for more on this forgotten Island paradise. (LOL, the title of “socio-anthropologist” will get you into more places than just being an Elk, plus a discount at Walgreen’s at South Shore Shopping Center!)


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