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Colt Station Zebra

Krusi Park Legend Charlie Neiderbrach is bundled up for a frosty winter but he’s not too cold to display his new Park Legends Sticker. Charlie’s former park director, Adrienne “the Champagne Lady” Alexander, ordered a bushel of Krusi Colt stickers to send to many of her former park kids. Adrienne has been at the forefront of many activities to ensure park memories stay in “kids” and their directors for life.

We’re not exactly sure where Charlie is stationed these days but the PlayBall! staff hope he’s nowhere near where submarines may emerge from the ice pack at any moment. If one does, perhaps Charlie will slap a Krusi Legend sticker on the conning tower! (EDITOR’S NOTE: If you don’t know what the heck I’m referencing – or missed it at the Alameda Theater or Showcase Cinemas – Google Ice Station Zebra.)



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