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With great sadness we report the passing of A.J. “Lil” Arnerich.

Anyone who follows PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog knows that “Lil” was the Dean Emeritus of Alameda Baseball. His legacy as a tireless champion for the youth of Alameda is without peer.  Thanks to him, thousands of kids found Alameda playgrounds a safe home away from home. A haven where every child, regardless of ability, was given the opportunity to enjoy athletics… especially, his first love, BASEBALL! There would be no PlayBall! if not for his vision.

Thank you, Lil. God speed!




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The year was… well, never mind the when, but one Saturday my Dad took me to Western Auto at the South Shore Center. The store had a large sporting goods section in addition to the usual car parts and tools inventory. During this visit Dad bought me my first baseball glove.



I’d like to say I still have that mitt today but I don’t. My dog probably ate it somewhere along the way.  However, a few years back, I was at a garage sale when, low and behold, there it was! The same Regent BG530 model that served me well at the hot corner of Franklin Park. Naturally I gladly paid the $3.00 price tag without even the slightest thought of negotiation. You don’t barter for the Mona Lisa. Besides, that’s probably what my Dad paid for it new back in the day.

Tells us about your first glove?


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Playing the hot corner takes a special kind of player. Cat-like reflexes. Fearless demeanor. Soft hands. Big arm. Strong teeth… and a set of pipes. Scotty Olson was the perfect choice to man position for the Eagles. He also had some pop in the bat that sent a few “indoor” baseballs over the fence at Franklin.

The original caption of the photo printed in the PlayBall! weekly supplement misspelled Scott’s name. Imagine that! Fortunately, this digital fish wrap has corrected the egregious error that left the young player emotionally scarred for the past 47 years.


Original caption: HEY BATTER – Franklin Eagle third sacker Scott Olsen lets the batter know that he’s there.

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