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Hey Alameda Park Rats – If you aren’t already planning to attend tonight’s big event in support of the new ARPD park league baseball program, PLEASE change your plans.

It’s only $10 and all the money goes to the program. Lots of old friends, MLB players, fun, park league t-shirts, a couple of segments of PlayBall! and much more!! Let’s go Franklin Eagles, Krusi Colts, Edison Indians, Rittler Wildcats, Longfellow Tigers, Woodstock Seals, Lincoln Lions, Washington Pirates, Estuary Rams, and Boys Club! Tonight is our night to shine and give back to the community that took care of us!

Tonight we shine!

Alameda Will Shine Tonight


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Can you guess which of the people in the photo below will be at the First Pitch Party on Thursday night at the Alameda Theatre & Cineplex?

The Rittler Park staff, Bob Machin, Steve Cressy and Keri Spaulding, keep The Maltese Falcone company on Family Night in September 1975.

The Rittler Park staff, Bob Machin, Steve Cressy and Keri Spaulding, keep The Maltese Falcone company on Family Night in September 1975.

We’ll give you a hint: It won’t be former Giants pitcher Pete “The Maltese” Falcone.

VIP Tickets for the March 20 gala benefit are sold out! However, there are still General Admission tickets available for just $10.00. Come on down and see many of your park directors from back in the day. I guarantee that Bill Lietz will NOT be handing out bicycle tickets.

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Almost four years ago, PlayBall! posted a question submitted by a young boy named Cody (see “Cody Says It All” below).  At that time, the idea of park league baseball returning was nothing more than a dream from the Edison Indian’s peace pipe. Well, Cody, sometimes miracles happen and other times Santa appears in June.  I hope you are still out there because thanks to the efforts of people like Kevin Kennedy, Kyle Conner, Eric Cross, Amy Woodbridge, and many more, the park league is back. No tryouts. No cost. Just fun playing baseball.

Cody Says It All

June 17, 2010 by playball94501

Here is a recent comment posted by a young PlayBall! reader named Cody:

Is this a league where you can sign up and play baseball with no tryouts? If it is I would love to join and just have some fun playing ball.


This should make the skin on former Park Rats everywhere tingle. Imagine, a young man who wants to go to the park and just play ball! No tryouts. No one to say you are good enough. Just grab a glove and head to second base. How many of us were fortunate enough to hear that from one of the great park directors back in the day?

Cody, I wish I had the power to whisk you back to a summer day in 1969 so you could experience what we did every day during every summer.

In this age of traveling baseball, not all our kids are being well served. Lil Arnerich, where are you? A new generation of park rats needs you.

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Spotting a speedy roadrunner on the Garden Isle is an extremely rare occurence, however, our crack PlayBall! staff has uncovered one recorded sighting. Back in September of ’75 one such bird was captured on Kodachrome at Rittler Park!

Yes, readers, Jeff Oh of the Rittler Wildcats was photographed trying on the golden cleat he was awarded as winner of ARPD’s 1975 Outstanding Baserunner! The Pee-Wee League speedster tore up the bath paths that season and his legend will live on here on PlayBall! for future generations in the new park league to aspire to!

Road Runner Award winner Jeff Oh of the Rittler Wildcats.

Road Runner Award winner Jeff Oh of the Rittler Wildcats.

Speaking of the ARPD’s new t-shirt baseball league, have you purchased your tickets yet to the big fundraiser this coming Thursday night – March 20 – at the luxurious Alameda Theatre? If not, get your own gold cleats on and dash down to the box office today! You can also order online at www.alamedatheatres.com  It’s only $10.00 and owner Kyle Conner is standing by to welcome you to the fun!  BEEP! BEEP!

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Since 2003, I’ve heard literally thousands of comments along this line, “I wish they would bring back the old park league baseball program.” If you’re reading this, you are probably one of the people who shared this sentiment, and likely more than once!

Finally, after all these years, your voice has been heard and your wishes have come true. The ARPD youth baseball program is coming back in just a few months. Now that the new t-shirt league is on the offical books… WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The call to action for local park rats within the sound of my blog:

If you are in the greater Bay Area, please buy your tickets to our upcoming benefit event at the Alameda Theatre on March 20. ALL of the proceeds from this great event go direct to the new baseball program so kids can play for free. General Admission seats are just $10.00 and can be purchased on-line or in-person at the box office. The event is going to be chock full of fun surprises.

Please don’t wait. Hit a home run right now by clicking on this link and purchasing your tickets TODAY! $10 is a small price to pay for all the fun you once had playing ball at an Alameda park.


Bill Purcell of the Krusi Colts drops a beautiful bunt in front of Woodstock catcher Ed Buenting. Seals won the game 5-3 on a beautiful July day in 1970.

Bill Purcell of the Krusi Colts drops a beautiful bunt in front of Woodstock catcher Ed Buenting. The host Seals won the Little Coast game 5-2 on a sunny July day in 1970.

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Once upon a time, inquiring Alamedan’s rushed to get their news each morning from publisher Abe Koffman’s Alameda Times Star (10 cents worth more!). In the digital age, Alamedan’s in the know, still rush to the ol’ newspaper AND The Alamedan blog via their smart phones, tablets, and computers for the latest Island scoop.

Today’s edition of  The Alamedan alerted milenial masses about our new t-shirt baseball league and the First Pitch Benefit Party! Big shout out to blogger Michelle Ellison who’s been a big supporter of this effort from day one.

Visit The Alamedan today and read it for yourself!

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From the blacktop of Edison Playground to the Big Show. A lively arm and determination to play the game at the highest level are what put Eric Schulstrom in a Minnesota Twins uniform to face the best batters the American League had to offer. Now, Erik will join his fellow Edison Indians and other former park rats at the First Pitch Benefit Party on March 20.

What about you?


Former Minnesota Twins reliever and Edison Indian ace, Erik Schullstrom will join the fun on March 20 at the Alameda Theatre & Cineplex.


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