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The year was… well, never mind the when, but one Saturday my Dad took me to Western Auto at the South Shore Center. The store had a large sporting goods section in addition to the usual car parts and tools inventory. During this visit Dad bought me my first baseball glove.



I’d like to say I still have that mitt today but I don’t. My dog probably ate it somewhere along the way.  However, a few years back, I was at a garage sale when, low and behold, there it was! The same Regent BG530 model that served me well at the hot corner of Franklin Park. Naturally I gladly paid the $3.00 price tag without even the slightest thought of negotiation. You don’t barter for the Mona Lisa. Besides, that’s probably what my Dad paid for it new back in the day.

Tells us about your first glove?



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Pee Wee League catcher Wendel Kuhn straps on his shin guards in preparation for a big late summer game.  The Franklin Eagle backstop is still sporting his Rittler cap from a previous season. Wonder if he still has that cap?

Many kids played for multiple parks over the course of their ARPD youth baseball careers as their parents moved about the Garden Isle. One of the greatest accomplishments of Alameda’s founding fathers was to install playgrounds across the city. That effort continues today as new recreation facilities continue to be a priority for Alameda.


Catcher Kuhn’s wristwatch must have been a Timex because only they could “take a licking and keep on ticking!”

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The sandlot at Godfrey Park provided a fantastic vista of the East Bay hills. Being next to the Alameda Golf Course added to an already broad landscape perspective that made the outfield seem even larger than it was. A swift trio of outfielders was needed to track down drives to the gap or any hit that would get up into the ever present afternoon wind.

During a PeeWee League contest this Gopher ace looks to deliver a blue blazer that will get by the batter and keep his right fielder positioned on the fringe.


Looks like the shift was on for a left-handed batter.

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Franklin right-handed slugger Jeff McAuliffe prepares to take one deep to the park’s opposite field blacktop and drive in some runs. Note the Cookie Rojas model spectacles sported by the mighty Eagle in this rare color photo from the Golden Age of ARPD Park League baseball. While the photo is a bit blurry it helps you, the reader, relive what Jeff’s vision was like back in those days of yore.


Big Jeff takes a cut with the famous Franklin Park rose bushes in the background along San Jose Avenue.

Today, Jeff’s vision is much improved as he proudly watches his son Michael who is the starting catcher for Campolindo HS Varsity Nine. When he wasn’t peppering the horse hide around Franklin, Jeff, and teammate Brian O’Malley, could be found at B&M Market purchasing frozen candy bars recounting their success on the diamond.

Fortunately for PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog, O’Malley’s parents took a number of color photographs from back in the day. This fine online chronicle has gained access to the photo stash and will bring them to our faithful subscribers over the course of the 2018 season!


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Who are we?


Was the unidentified batter in this photo able to check his swing? Did the umpire determine he followed through for a called STEEEEEERIKE THREEEEE?

While the Alameda Times Star was a fine local fish wrap, on occasion the photo credits weren’t complete… or accurate. (Sounds like today’s reporting standards. LOL) Regardless, this photo appeared in the Times Star weekly PlayBall! supplement. The catcher was identified by the newspaper as being a Mike Hall. Our vast records don’t find a player by that name. Judging by the cutoff sleeves on a dark t-shirt, it may be a Franklin Eagle. Rick Holgerson suggests it’s Ed Sincoff.

And what about the batter? Who is he? Reports are coming in that it’s Gabe Ponce. That would make it a Longfellow Tiger home game at Woodstock Park vs. Franklin?

PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog is calling on its loyal readers to make the call and help our staff determine who these players are!

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Pirate batters are all ears as Washington coach John Lopez gives them final orders before stepping to the plate. The PlayBall! Wayback Machine can’t provide details of the actual outcome but surely Mark Soots and Jim Flood delivered on this August summer day in 1971.


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John Foster lets out a Lion roar alerting the opposition that he and his Lincoln teammates mean business!


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