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PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog extends a big hug to all the current and former Alameda mothers out there! You were the well-oiled machine that enabled thousands of us park rats to flock to our respective parks each day.


Mrs. Joan Henderson cheers on her lil' park rat Charlie on a summer day, some 40 years ago.

Mrs. Joan Henderson (right) cheers on her lil’ park rat Charlie on a summer day, some 40 years ago.

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In July of 1974, Norm Fenk was shown marking down yet another run for the McKinley Bears as they stormed past the Woodstock Dolphins by a score of 21 to 2. This was McKinley’s first win of the season (1-3) while Woodstock’s second squad fell to 0-3.

Bears teammate Jaime Hayame correctly answered this week’s Who am I? puzzler by identifying Norm. Perhaps Jaime can remind us who the McKinley coach was that season.

"I may run out of pencil lead!"

“I may run out of pencil lead!”

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Someone recently told Alameda’s Sandlot Blog that in 1958 Franklin Park fielded a team named the Mets. The City Desk argued that wasn’t possible since the New York Mets didn’t come into existence until 1962. A little more research led our staff to the magical 1964 season and the second division finish for… the Franklin Mets.

But you may be asking, “Why was magical about the 1964 season?”

The answer is simple and can be found in the standings where the storied Estuary Rams went undefeated with a perfect 11-0 mark!

Here’s the final standings for 1964 in the Little Coast League:

Estuary, Krusi, Franklin and Lincoln were the Little Coast powers in 1964.

Estuary, Krusi, Franklin and Lincoln were the Little Coast powers in 1964.


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Park Rat and Park Director

A Lincoln Lions player (1954-60) who moved up after Little Coast and Police League to the ranks of park director.

Tours of Duty: McKinley (1960-61)

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Roster Wire for April 14, 2010:

Ronny Farris – Godfrey

Mickey Fox – McKinley

Mark Galletto – Krusi

Bill George – Franklin

Bill Orr – Rittler

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Roster moves fresh off the police radio.

“Attention all units… Be on the lookout for the following six park rats who all played in the 1968 ARPD Police League. They are believed to be armed with hickory clubs and cowhide projectiles. They are considered to be dangerous on the diamond. Use extreme caution when approaching and do not attempt to apprehend without back up from a park director.”

[Note: Shown next to the player’s name and park affiliation we’ve also listed the local business that sponsored the individual park’s Police League entries back in the day. – Editor]

Don Callahan – Washington (Fosters Freeze)

Eric Cross – Washington (Fosters Freeze)

Pat Dillon – McKinley (Island Jewelers)

Harold Silva – Lincoln (Alameda Muffler Service)

Mike Wenzel – Washington (Fosters Freeze)

Bill Yarbrough – Washington (Fosters Freeze)

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Here is a list of the Alameda Recreation & Park Department Boys Baseball All-Stars from 1963. Of interest to note, although a member of the Little Coast League Champion, Franklin Eagles squad, future MLB All-Star shortstop, Chris Speier was not among the ’63 stars. That honor went to Vic Gerson, John OBrien and Mike Reeder. See if that piece of trivial knowledge can win you a beer down at McGee’s Bar & Grill.


Edison: Chuck Sewell

Estuary: Ken Walker

Franklin: David Farewell, Jerry Manis, Mike McCollum, Jeff White

Krusi: Ken Morris, Robert Olson, Gary Westmoreland

Lincoln: Chuck Sabbatini, John Tudal

Longfellow: David Jorgensen

Lum (Rittler): Mike Bordner, Bobby Davis, Jim Davis, Alan Deines

McKinley: Don Albright, Stan Bice, Jerry LaHue

Woodstock: Doug Mahoney


Estuary: Royce Ford, Jr., Forrest Haymon, Wendell Jones, Cliff Locklear, Reginald Mims, Larry Thomas

Franklin: David Inman

Godfrey: Dennis Peterson

Krusi: Mike Frecerro, Mark Hansen, Mike McKee

Lincoln: Mike Reichoff

McKinley: Ray Pagano

Washington: Willis Kellar, Steve Lucero

Woodstock: Rolando Araujo, Roger Alexander, Dan Hackley, Ron Hunter


Estuary: Glen Abrams

Franklin: Vic Gerson, John O’Brien, Mike Reeder

Krusi: Steve Svendson

Lincoln: Steve Bartley, Greg Orton

Longfellow: Gilbert Araujo, Jim Sullivan

McKinley: Pat Sloan, John Westerbeck

Washington: Charlie Lucero, John Fernandez, Rich Fernandez

Woodstock: Robert Boyd, Ron Elliott

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