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The 2017 CIF-NCS High School Baseball Playoffs was shaping up to be epic diamond battle showcasing the offspring of former Franklin Eagles and Longfellow Tigers. Garden Isle bragging rights would have been on the line had the Campolindo Cougars met the Encinal Jets in the second round. The Campo roster features catcher Michael McAuliffe and pitcher Donovan Robles, sons of former Eagles, Jeff McAuliffe and Kin Robles. The Encinal squad features pitcher/SS Henry Canalin, son of Ed Canalin and the latest in a long line of great players named… Henry. Just kidding, the Canalin clan have produced more diamond stars than the Ripkens.

While the Cougars won their opener over Arcata in a thrilling 11-inning contest (7-6), the Jets couldn’t make their end of the dream matchup a reality as they fell to Kennedy of Fremont (8-3).  Jeff and Kin, shown here proudly sporting vintage Eagle attire, were at the Campo game loosening up for the showdown classic that will never be. Alas, since Campo advanced to Round Two, in theory… Franklin is King again! How about that?!


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PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog extends a big hug to all the current and former Alameda mothers out there! You were the well-oiled machine that enabled thousands of us park rats to flock to our respective parks each day.


Mrs. Joan Henderson cheers on her lil' park rat Charlie on a summer day, some 40 years ago.

Mrs. Joan Henderson (right) cheers on her lil’ park rat Charlie on a summer day, some 40 years ago.

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Someone recently told Alameda’s Sandlot Blog that in 1958 Franklin Park fielded a team named the Mets. The City Desk argued that wasn’t possible since the New York Mets didn’t come into existence until 1962. A little more research led our staff to the magical 1964 season and the second division finish for… the Franklin Mets.

But you may be asking, “Why was magical about the 1964 season?”

The answer is simple and can be found in the standings where the storied Estuary Rams went undefeated with a perfect 11-0 mark!

Here’s the final standings for 1964 in the Little Coast League:

Estuary, Krusi, Franklin and Lincoln were the Little Coast powers in 1964.

Estuary, Krusi, Franklin and Lincoln were the Little Coast powers in 1964.


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Park Rat and Park Director

The flashy Franklin Eagle shortstop went on to become a become a park director.

Tours of Duty: Krusi (1984-85)

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Thanks to Kim Watkins, who alerted us that her sister also played for the mighty Franklin Eagles, we have reached another milestone…

Tracy Watkins – You are former park rat #2,300!

Honorable mention goes to Noreen Roth of Longfellow at 2,299.

Retro shirt graphics created by Lindzi Mapplebeckpalmer

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The Fleet Footed Feehan

Charlie Feehan looks like he means business when he says “I want to see wall-to-wall Franklin Eagles at the All-Parks Reunion next Saturday, July 31!! That means you, too, Bill Speier, even though you deserted your home park for Boys Club. I’ll forgive this traitorous act if you show up… maybe.”

Okay, Eagles. You heard “Fee”. Get your keysters down to Washington Park next weekend.

ATTENTION ALL PARKS: Folding tables and pop-ups are needed. Contact John Canalin or Adrienne Chaix-Alexander.

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Mr. Peabody and Sherman visit Franklin Park in 1968

Hey, Franklin Eagles!

In case you missed today’s comment from Marty Watkins, give it a read. It was an instant return trip to Franklin Park 1968 on Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine! Nice job, Marty. I hope we see you and your sister Kim at the All-Parks Reunion. Speaking of which…

You won’t need Mr. Peabody or Sherman to take a trip back in time to those carefree days of being a kid in Alameda. A simpler time when all you had to worry about was leaving the park to get home in time for dinner. Come on down to the Alameda All-Parks Reunion and see your old pals, teammates and park directors. Our own Wayback Machine will be at Washington Park on Saturday, July 31 from 11:00 am  to 4:00 pm.

Don’t miss out!

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