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Climbing into the PlayBall! Time Machine for July 6, 1962 we find the following PeeWee League action:

Woodstock Seals Shutout Indians 6-0

Woodstock pitcher, Dean Robertson, hurled a two-hit shutout, fanning 15 Edison batters. Only two members of the Tribe received free passes.

Pirates Ground Eagles

Washington Park pitchers combined for a no-hit gem that sent Franklin hurtling to earth in a 10-1 de-feathering. On the bump for the Bucs were hurlers Ottervanger and Tavares who only allowed a single unearned run to cross the plate.

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PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog extends a big hug to all the current and former Alameda mothers out there! You were the well-oiled machine that enabled thousands of us park rats to flock to our respective parks each day.


Mrs. Joan Henderson cheers on her lil' park rat Charlie on a summer day, some 40 years ago.

Mrs. Joan Henderson (right) cheers on her lil’ park rat Charlie on a summer day, some 40 years ago.

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Someone recently told Alameda’s Sandlot Blog that in 1958 Franklin Park fielded a team named the Mets. The City Desk argued that wasn’t possible since the New York Mets didn’t come into existence until 1962. A little more research led our staff to the magical 1964 season and the second division finish for… the Franklin Mets.

But you may be asking, “Why was magical about the 1964 season?”

The answer is simple and can be found in the standings where the storied Estuary Rams went undefeated with a perfect 11-0 mark!

Here’s the final standings for 1964 in the Little Coast League:

Estuary, Krusi, Franklin and Lincoln were the Little Coast powers in 1964.

Estuary, Krusi, Franklin and Lincoln were the Little Coast powers in 1964.


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Tensions are escalating between Alameda and Beijingover reported spying.

Tensions are escalating between Alameda and Beijing over reported spying.

The staff of PlayBall! Alameda’s Sandlot Blog are on high alert today after discovering that viewers in Hong Kong have been following this digital fish wrap for some time. Yes fellow park rats, Chinese knock-off manufacturers may be out to copy another piece of American greatness… Alameda’s legendary park league baseball!! Recent blog analytics show growing viewer activity originating from Hong Kong.

Philip Nitskopip, Assistant to the Associate Undersecretary of National Security told a gathering press at the Time Star Building, “We are closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds. President Obama, the Joint Chiefs and Lil’ Arnerich have been briefed.”

In a recorded interview on Meet The Press, PlayBall! Minister of Bunting and Defense, John Canalin, said, “It’s an outrage! I’ve assembled teams of Longfellow Black-Ops Tigers and Woodstock Seals who at this very moment are headed towards the China Sea. We’re waiting for word from McGee’s… I mean the White House as to our next steps. God bless Alameda!”


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Since 2003, I’ve heard literally thousands of comments along this line, “I wish they would bring back the old park league baseball program.” If you’re reading this, you are probably one of the people who shared this sentiment, and likely more than once!

Finally, after all these years, your voice has been heard and your wishes have come true. The ARPD youth baseball program is coming back in just a few months. Now that the new t-shirt league is on the offical books… WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The call to action for local park rats within the sound of my blog:

If you are in the greater Bay Area, please buy your tickets to our upcoming benefit event at the Alameda Theatre on March 20. ALL of the proceeds from this great event go direct to the new baseball program so kids can play for free. General Admission seats are just $10.00 and can be purchased on-line or in-person at the box office. The event is going to be chock full of fun surprises.

Please don’t wait. Hit a home run right now by clicking on this link and purchasing your tickets TODAY! $10 is a small price to pay for all the fun you once had playing ball at an Alameda park.


Bill Purcell of the Krusi Colts drops a beautiful bunt in front of Woodstock catcher Ed Buenting. Seals won the game 5-3 on a beautiful July day in 1970.

Bill Purcell of the Krusi Colts drops a beautiful bunt in front of Woodstock catcher Ed Buenting. The host Seals won the Little Coast game 5-2 on a sunny July day in 1970.

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Join former park director Mark Ambrosini and his 1983 Woodstock PeeWee team this Saturday, July 31 at the Alameda All-Parks Reunion – Washington Park – 11:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Bring lots of sardines with your picnic. Seals love them!

Photo courtesy of Mark Ambrosini

Mark’s undefeated Seals are shown celebrating after their big win to get them to the 1983 PeeWee League championship game. Can you name them?

FRONT ROW: Duane White (4th from left)

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At the end of every spring training, there’s a flurry of activity by GMs hustling to finalize their 25-man rosters. PlayBall! is no exception to the rule.

Here are the latest sandlot heroes to join their respective All-Time Park Rosters:

Mike Bergman – Godfrey

Steve Chavez – Godfrey

Rick Ensley – Godfrey

Tom Ilacqua – Godfrey

Allison “Buzzy” Bordner-King – Franklin

David Lucky – Godfrey

Anthony Nelson – Woodstock

Barry Nelson – Rittler

Dean Robertson – Woodstock – Park Rat #2,100

Mark Showalter – Godfrey

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