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ARPD baseball was in full swing when Rittler met Edison for a mid-July 1975 contest. We have no idea who prevailed but we know the Wildcats were threatening to score in this photo. When the camera shutter clicked, the Rittler batter, “Bomber Bob” Levering, had just connected with the pitch. You can see the ball below the Krusi Diamond designation (3) on the far left. There must have been less than two outs as savvy baserunner Robert Abriol is waiting to see if the baseball gets through the infield before attempting to score. Edison’s Greg Folrath is shown toiling behind the plate.

Park Rat Question of the Day: Is that Pat “Elfie” Thomas watching the action from behind the backstop? Only the Krusi Park faithful know for sure.


Bomber Bob Levering puts the orb in play.


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Over the years, Krusi Park was the home of many championship baseball and softball teams in the ARPD Park League program. The summer of 1970 produced one of the best, as the Midget Colts powered their way to an undefeated 11-0 season to capture the crown!

The Krusi sluggers took time out from their East End celebration schedule to pose for this classic photo.

The Mighty Midget Colts show off their lumber in 1970.

The Mighty Midget Colts show off their lumber in 1970.

Left to right are, Steve Ratto, Dean Pugh, Gary Berti, Mike Long, Tony Muzio, Charlie Niederbrach, Kerry Billingsley, Steve Jackson, Bert Soffiotto, and coach, Al Thomas. Missing that day were Mike Cooper, Pat Morse, Leroy Thomas and Bob Morton, all of whom were called up to play for the A’s in a doubleheader at the Oakland Coliseum.

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Here is a list of the Alameda Recreation & Park Department Boys Baseball All-Stars from 1964.
PEE WEE LEAGUE – National Division

Franklin: Steve Choy, Dave Perata

Godfrey: Greg Peterson

Krusi: Kevin Kearney

Rittler: Mike Bartell, Dennis Reeder, Tim Marr

Others (park affiliation undetermined): Peter Annibale, Terry Davis, Mark Farley, Clarence Lewis, James Littlejohn, Mike McKee, Robert Villa

PEE WEE LEAGUE – American Division

Edison: Eric Jorgensen, David May

Franklin: Tom Curran, Andre Reynier

Others (park affiliation undetermined): Manny Abeyta, Sonny Cook, Rich Ensley, Tim Illacqua, Bob Leach, Albert Pamiroyan, Paul Ryan, Nick Sablan, Steve Sanchez, Ward Spangler


Estuary: Kenny Walker, Gary Wayne

Franklin: Jerry Carr, John Cressy

Rittler: John Dutcher

Woodstock: Lester Mina, Ron Hunter

Others (park affiliation undetermined): David Annibale, John Costello, Ron Demele, Mike Gordner, Maurice Lyons, Donald Meninga, Bruce Metzlar, John Norning, Steve Ratto, John Sablan, Jeff White


Estuary: Glen Abrams, Forrest Hayman, Wendell Jones

Franklin: Paul McBride

Godfrey: Dennis Peterson

Krusi: Mike Freccero

Others (park affiliation undetermined): Mel Arnerich, Paul Cox, Greg Estes, Gary Fascilla, Rich Fernandez, Paul Hoopaugh, Mark Jurgens, David Mauldin, Mike McKee, Barry Murphy, Andres Sablan, David Sims

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Here are the 1973 ARPD Midget League Champion – Washington Pirates

Photo by Acamar

Front Row: Andy Garcia, Robert Jackson, Frank Groves, Rodney Rodgriguez, Joe Inocenio, Jeff Mims,

Back Row: Larry Wayne (coach), Mark Soots, Jim Flood, Alan Beck, Steve Gutierrez, Larry Scott, Ken Cranberry

Congrats to the 8-1 Pirates, wherever you are. Do you think Kenny Cranberry joined the military? Looks like he’s already standing at attention.

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Here’s a great photo showing members of the Edison Band of Indigenous Baseball Players celebrating the announcement that Alameda voters approved a ballot measure enabling construction of a tribal casino. The opulent Las Vegas style gaming emporium will be located on Lincoln Avenue, between Pearl Street and Versailles Avenue. The Mayor and City Council were unavailable for comment, but a spokesperson for developer MoonPal told PlayBall!, “Despite unfounded public concerns, we believe the project will be a huge boost to the local economy.”

Tribal Administrator Barry Weiss announces the big news in July, 1970

Okay, enough of the Election 2010 shenanigans. While this photo does capture a band of Edison Indians celebrating, they are actually in the middle of a victory cheer following their fourth consecutive Bantam League win. This time their victim was the Longfellow Tigers who were scalped by a score of 26-10. Wielding the big war clubs for Edison were: Kevin Dillon (4 hits, 4 runs, 2 triples), Terry Lowry (4 hits, double, triple), David Bartley and Brad Keiffer (3 hits each).

I can still hear Barry Weiss’ favorite victory chant: “Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Sunflower seeds! Sunflower seeds! Yeaaaaah!”

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“Introducing your 1973 PeeWee League Champion… Rrrrrrrrrritlerrrrrrrrr Wiiiiiiildcats!”

Jim Curran's 1973 Rittler Wildcats (Photo: Acamar)

Front Row (left to right): Grant Gross, Mark Moser, Dave Clinton, Joe Russi, Bwanni Woon, Randy Eugenio, George Selby

Back Row: Leon Santos, Rob Schmitt, Jeff Edwards, Kevin Koffler, Coach Jim Curran, Les Miyashiro

Photo venue: Krusi Park

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Here is a list of the Alameda Recreation & Park Department Boys Baseball All-Stars from 1963. Of interest to note, although a member of the Little Coast League Champion, Franklin Eagles squad, future MLB All-Star shortstop, Chris Speier was not among the ’63 stars. That honor went to Vic Gerson, John OBrien and Mike Reeder. See if that piece of trivial knowledge can win you a beer down at McGee’s Bar & Grill.


Edison: Chuck Sewell

Estuary: Ken Walker

Franklin: David Farewell, Jerry Manis, Mike McCollum, Jeff White

Krusi: Ken Morris, Robert Olson, Gary Westmoreland

Lincoln: Chuck Sabbatini, John Tudal

Longfellow: David Jorgensen

Lum (Rittler): Mike Bordner, Bobby Davis, Jim Davis, Alan Deines

McKinley: Don Albright, Stan Bice, Jerry LaHue

Woodstock: Doug Mahoney


Estuary: Royce Ford, Jr., Forrest Haymon, Wendell Jones, Cliff Locklear, Reginald Mims, Larry Thomas

Franklin: David Inman

Godfrey: Dennis Peterson

Krusi: Mike Frecerro, Mark Hansen, Mike McKee

Lincoln: Mike Reichoff

McKinley: Ray Pagano

Washington: Willis Kellar, Steve Lucero

Woodstock: Rolando Araujo, Roger Alexander, Dan Hackley, Ron Hunter


Estuary: Glen Abrams

Franklin: Vic Gerson, John O’Brien, Mike Reeder

Krusi: Steve Svendson

Lincoln: Steve Bartley, Greg Orton

Longfellow: Gilbert Araujo, Jim Sullivan

McKinley: Pat Sloan, John Westerbeck

Washington: Charlie Lucero, John Fernandez, Rich Fernandez

Woodstock: Robert Boyd, Ron Elliott

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