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In July of 1974, Norm Fenk was shown marking down yet another run for the McKinley Bears as they stormed past the Woodstock Dolphins by a score of 21 to 2. This was McKinley’s first win of the season (1-3) while Woodstock’s second squad fell to 0-3.

Bears teammate Jaime Hayame correctly answered this week’s Who am I? puzzler by identifying Norm. Perhaps Jaime can remind us who the McKinley coach was that season.

"I may run out of pencil lead!"

“I may run out of pencil lead!”


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On July 16, 1973, Charlie Niederbrach ran outside of his home at 3205 Otis Drive to get the Alameda Times Star. Why you ask? Obviously, he wanted to read the latest news about the Watergate scandal. NOT!

Charlie, like most every kid on the Island, wanted to get his hands on the latest edition of the PlayBall! baseball supplement published every Monday. This particular edition featured young Niederbrach for his pitching exploits the previous week. Unfortunately for Charlie, PlayBall! was famous for a gaffe or two in these special editions. This day, the Krusi Colt pitcher was identified as a catcher for Godfrey Park… the opposing team!

Rodent pitcher had a big game in July 1973.

CHARLIE NIEDERBRACH            Godfrey Catcher

“CHARLIE NIEDERBRACH, right-handed pitcher for the Krusi Colts pitched his team to victory over Godfrey. 5-1, as he struck out seven batters and allowed only five hits. Charlie stopped several Godfrey rallies with great clutch pitching. The win against Godfrey keeps Krusi in the Little Coast race.

Charlie has been selected as a Player of the Week before, and was an All-Star selection last year. He attends Lincoln School and is in eight grade.”

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While you’re trying to identify this popular figure from the golden age of the ARPD’s original t-shirt baseball league, make your plans to join hundreds of other former park rats on March 20 at the Alameda Theatre. On this night, you’ll have the chance to renew old friendships from your park days. Catch up with many of your favorite park directors. Meet former major leaguers who once played on the same fields you did while proudly wearing their park t-shirts. And, after some special recognitions, settle into a comfy seat to watch the story of the original ARPD t-shirt baseball league as told in the documentary “PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Saga.”

All this for just $10.00 – all of which goes direct to fund the new ARPD t-shirt baseball league. Visit the Alameda Theatre website today and order your tickets online.


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Can you name this Player of the Week from 1968?

HINT: It’s not Rusty from The Danny Thomas Show – aka. Make Room For Daddy.

Start the confetti machine and strike up the band because the answer is…


This Krusi Park star earned Midget Player of the Week honors by going 3-for-4, with 4 RBIs including the game winner. The victory clinched Coach Barry Weiss’ Colt Nine a spot in the 1968 ARPD Midget League playoffs. Dennis’ slick glove also handled five chances in the field without incident.

The correct answer was submitted by Marisa McDonald.

PlayBall! would like to thank this week’s Who Am I? sponsor: Chicken Delight located at the South Shore Shopping Center. Don’t cook tonight… Call Chicken Delight!

Don't cook tonight...

Oops, we’ve just learned that Chicken Delight has flown the coop, so to speak. The competition from Lola’s Chicken must have been to much to overcome. What’s that you say? Lola’s is gone, too?! Holy Cow! Sorry, Marisa, no chicken for you. How about a Tommy Tucker cone from Tucker’s Ice Cream instead?

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Our cavalcade of 1973 diamond action continues with this photo taken in late August. Can you name these three Bantam League players from the host Lincoln Lions and visiting Franklin Eagles?

Bantam League Shuffle (Photo by Acamar)

That’s Robert Childers in the two-stripe tube sox stretching to get his foot back on the bag. Meanwhile, Eagle fielders Jim Foley and Andy Arminanio are waiting for the ball to arrive.

The winner of this week’s Who Am I? mystery is… Reggie VanPelt. Mr. VanPelt will a large order of delicious french fried potatoes from Ryders Drive-In, located at the corner of Central Ave. and Oak Street. Served piping hot in a specially designed thermal silver container, these crinkle cut fries are all the rage for Island City park rats!

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This photo, from a Midget League game in 1972, prominently features three individuals who’s names should be familiar to many who participated in the ARPD programs during the decade.

Photo: Bordanaro and Zarcone)

We had a number of contestants all trying to correctly identify our mystery mugs. No one person was able to come up with all three names, however, Tony Reid (Franklin), Gary Silverman (Godfrey) and John Canalin (Longfellow) have teamed up to put a name to each physique.

Charging down the first base line is Morris Bonadona of the Godfrey Gophers. Leaning for the throw is Jamie Hayame of the McKinley Bears. And preparing to make the call is stalwart ARPD umpire, Mike Benesh, who would go on to star as a backstop for the Encinal Jets. Few know that “Ben” was also an ice hockey player in the local rec leagues.

The two questions that remain are: 1) Did Mo beat the throw? (Hmm. Doubtful, unless jamie muffed the play.); 2) How will Tony, Gary and John share this week’s prize of one pair of athletic tube socks? (Suggestion: Tony gets them on Sunday/Monday. Jamie on Tuesday/Wednesday. John on Thursday/Friday. They get washed by Doris Sullivan down at Woodstock on Saturday.) Thanks to everyone who posted an entry.

This week’s Who Are We? Quiz was brought to you by Alameda’s emporium for unparalleled value and savings, the Super 88 Store.

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Photo credit: Bordanaro and Zarcone

When not being used to teach new members the secret hand shake, the Elks Club Rathskeller Room was often used for the ARPD’s end-of-year baseball awards banquet. 1969 was no exception as this photo shows Elks member, Mark Happ, and the Grand Exalted Poobah, Don Landreth, congratulating some of the league’s top baseball players. Can you name who they are?

The answer is: Monte Pries (Krusi), John McKee (Krusi) and Darrell Greer (Woodstock)

This Holiday edition of Who Am I? was sponsored by Bonnie Bowman Archery, formerly located at 2007 High Street. Our winner would have received a trip to this year’s Bowman Elk Trot, during which members of the Alameda Elks Club don a full rack and run across the indoor range while anxious hunters draw a bead on them. Unfortunately, only one of the crew in our photo was identified… Monte Pries. Our almost Elk hunter is Gary Veasy. Gary, we’ll get you a rubber tipped dart gun instead. You can chase Jim Kelly around the St. Philip Neri campus.

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