You Make The Call!

Who are we?


Was the unidentified batter in this photo able to check his swing? Did the umpire determine he followed through for a called STEEEEEERIKE THREEEEE?

While the Alameda Times Star was a fine local fish wrap, on occasion the photo credits weren’t complete… or accurate. (Sounds like today’s reporting standards. LOL) Regardless, this photo appeared in the Times Star weekly PlayBall! supplement. The catcher was identified by the newspaper as being a Mike Hall. Our vast records don’t find a player by that name. Judging by the cutoff sleeves on a dark t-shirt, it may be a Franklin Eagle. Rick Holgerson suggests it’s Ed Sincoff.

And what about the batter? Who is he? Reports are coming in that it’s Gabe Ponce. That would make it a Longfellow Tiger home game at Woodstock Park vs. Franklin?

PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog is calling on its loyal readers to make the call and help our staff determine who these players are!


Pirate batters are all ears as Washington coach John Lopez gives them final orders before stepping to the plate. The PlayBall! Wayback Machine can’t provide details of the actual outcome but surely Mark Soots and Jim Flood delivered on this August summer day in 1971.


A Lion Roars

John Foster lets out a Lion roar alerting the opposition that he and his Lincoln teammates mean business!


bbb_Webster tells us the definition of legend is “a person or thing that inspires.” Great coaches and teachers inspire. Great friends inspire. I can think of no one who inspired more kids on the field and in the classroom than Barry Weiss. When I think of someone who inspired his friends, Bob “Rocko” Rhodes easily comes to mind. Both were giants in life who’s legend lives on even though they are no longer here on earth.

Once again, Alamedans are coming together to honor the memory of those who have touched us. I am pleased to announce that an effort is currently underway for the installation of two memorial benches installed at Krusi Park in honor of both Barry and Bob. The call is going out to all current and former Alameda park families for donations in any amount as we try to raise $4,000 to make this lasting tribute a reality. Funds raised will cover the cost of two benches, memorial plaques, and installation at Krusi Park.

Barry was instrumental in my life as a breakthrough teacher demonstrating how learning could be fun and hard work paid dividends as a player and student. Rocko showed me how to use personality to make people’s lives richer. I am just one of the countless park rats and Alamedans who experienced similar with both of these legends.

Help bring Barry’s famous quote, “Parks make life better” to life by joining Adrienne Alexander, Ann Keltner Weiss, Steve Cressy, Don Ratto, the Alameda Recreation & Park Dept. and PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog in this worthy effort. Please make a contribution today. Send checks payable to Friends of the Park (with notation: Krusi Memorial Bench) to 2226 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501.

Thank you!

Colt Station Zebra

Krusi Park Legend Charlie Neiderbrach is bundled up for a frosty winter but he’s not too cold to display his new Park Legends Sticker. Charlie’s former park director, Adrienne “the Champagne Lady” Alexander, ordered a bushel of Krusi Colt stickers to send to many of her former park kids. Adrienne has been at the forefront of many activities to ensure park memories stay in “kids” and their directors for life.

We’re not exactly sure where Charlie is stationed these days but the PlayBall! staff hope he’s nowhere near where submarines may emerge from the ice pack at any moment. If one does, perhaps Charlie will slap a Krusi Legend sticker on the conning tower! (EDITOR’S NOTE: If you don’t know what the heck I’m referencing – or missed it at the Alameda Theater or Showcase Cinemas – Google Ice Station Zebra.)



Stuck On A Stuffer?

kringleThe Alameda Park Rats have spoken and the Big Kringle at PlayBall! Alameda’s Sandlot Blog has listened!

Seven Park Legend stickers are now available to make Santa’s visit even more enjoyable for park rats everywhere! Yes, kids, you can show your eternal park pride with these stickers featuring: EDISON INDIANS, FRANKLIN EAGLES, GODFREY GOPHERS, KRUSI COLTS, LINCOLN LIONS, RITTLER WILDCATS and WASHINGTON PIRATES!

krusiThese are the perfect stocking stuffer for all eternal youth of Alameda. If you know someone who played in the ARPD youth athletic programs, you need to order them the ultimate sticker for their guitar case, bowling ball bag, tool box, rear truck window, forehead, Duluth underpants, surfboard or ice chest.


These 4.5″ x 3″ vinyl Park Legend stickers are weatherproof and priced at just $4.00. That’s less than a Nation’s Cheeseburger or a pint of Guinness! BUT WAIT… there’s more! Order any three Park Legend stickers and Kin Kringle will add a 4th sticker FREE! That’s right! ABSOLUTELY FREE!

DON’T WAIT! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Place your order today by sending old Kringle an e-mail at playball94501 (that’s @gmail.com address) or post a message here to the old elf.