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Our cavalcade of 1973 diamond action continues with this photo taken in late August. Can you name these three Bantam League players from the host Lincoln Lions and visiting Franklin Eagles?

Bantam League Shuffle (Photo by Acamar)

That’s Robert Childers in the two-stripe tube sox stretching to get his foot back on the bag. Meanwhile, Eagle fielders Jim Foley and Andy Arminanio are waiting for the ball to arrive.

The winner of this week’s Who Am I? mystery is… Reggie VanPelt. Mr. VanPelt will a large order of delicious french fried potatoes from Ryders Drive-In, located at the corner of Central Ave. and Oak Street. Served piping hot in a specially designed thermal silver container, these crinkle cut fries are all the rage for Island City park rats!


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Leave it to the playground that didn’t have a baseball diamond or even a tree. Despite the fact that most putting greens have more blades of grass than were offered at this playground, it did have the one key ingredient… a few park rats. In fact, it had so few that it’s all-time player roster remains the smallest to date featured on PlayBall! Alameda’s Sandlot Blog. HOWEVER, it’s Mastick School Playground that provides us with Park Rat #2,000! This title of distinction goes to none other than… drumroll, please…

John Banks, 2nd baseman for the mighty Mastick Rams.

John Banks, Park Rat #2,000 and Bantam Leaguer, in 1975

John, just as you were doing in this photo, enjoy your moment in the sun because we’re already moving on our way to 3,000!

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