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Dateline: August, 1954 – The baseball field at Lincoln Park may be named after legendary N.Y. Giant shortstop Dick Bartell, but in the summer of 1954 the king of that diamond was 15-year old Don Sherratt. The Alameda Times Star reported that young Sherratt was on track to follow the great Bartell to the majors after he posted a phenomenal .818 batting average in the ARPD’s Police League summer baseball circuit. No adjustment of your eye glasses is necessary… the kid hit .818 leading his Lincoln Park Dodgers to the East End Championship that featured the squads from Franklin, Krusi and McKinley Parks.

Don played the hot corner and had numerous opportunities to show off his fine arm and glove as the opposition frequently discovered. He was also a member of the 1953 Lincoln team that also won the East End crown. Frisco Sartor, Alameda American Legion baseball coach and Lincoln Park Director, said of Sherratt, “a fine prospect, possessed of many natural abilities and, with the proper guidance, should prove to be an outstanding baseball player.”

Of the experience, Don had this to say, “The ARPD’s Police League was great because of the players connection with a police officer who was the team coach and became the players friend.”

Don Sherratt, a great ball player, career educator (see photo below), and truly an Alameda Legend!


After his playing days were over, Don had a long and very successful career in the Alameda School District.



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Photo of David Hardren's fake baseball cap by Acamar

If you take a passing glance at this photo from the summer of ’75, all appears to be in order. The sun is shining down on Dick Bartell Field at Lincoln Park. No traffic jam on Fernside Drive. David Hardern of Longfellow has executed a banana turn rounding second on his way to third. Lincoln shortstop Kenny Arnerich is ready to take the incoming throw from right center field. Aah, yes, a beautiful day for baseball… oh, oh… wait just a minute!

Hardern is wearing a fake baseball cap!! The kind with synthetic mesh and an adjustable plastic strap in the back. What was he thinking? You know he wasn’t a catcher, because as you may recall, if you wore one of these el-cheapo caps backwards under the mask, you had an indentation in your forehead that lasted a week. Not to mention a wild tan line that stayed with you well into December.

To be fair, it wasn’t David’s fault that these two tone abominations became the rage in the mid-1970’s. Up until then, a Roman Pro or New Era 8-stitch wool cap was the sign of a true diamond devotee. Those were Cadillac of dome covers. And they weren’t cheap. You had to save up $5.00 for a generic blue, black, red or green model. $7.00 for one of the embroidered pro team caps. That was a lot of empty bottle returns to George’s Liquors or the New Island Market. “Hmm, 140 packs of baseball cards or a pro cap?” That was the dilemma facing a kid back in the days before somebody decided to add plastic to a one hundred year-old tradition.

And speaking of tradition… who came up with the idea of wearing pajama bottoms for baseball pants???  Don’t get me started!

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Lincoln Park

Park Opening: May 15, 1909

Named after: U.S. President Abraham Lincoln

Location: High Street (N) and Fernside Boulevard (S) – between Central Avenue and Liberty Avenue)

Baseball Diamond: One (1) Bartell Field

Home plate faces Fernside Boulevard (SW)

Richard “Dick” Bartell Field – Dedicated April 24, 1993 in honor of Alameda resident and former New York Giants All-Star shortstop

Dimensions: Left Field Fence – 414′ / Right Center Field – 387′ / Right Field Wall – 270′

Team Name: Lions, Cubs, Dodgers (1956-60)


Police League (1953)

Bantam League: 1973


Henry Pacini


Convenient Food Mart (later known as: Bonfair Market)

Encinal Market


270' down the right field line

270′ down the right field line (Photo: Robles)

"Rowdy Richard's" diamond

“Rowdy Richard’s” diamond (Photo: Robles)

414' down the left field line

414′ down the left field line (Photo: Robles)

The power alleys

The power alleys (Photo: Robles)

Press box and bleachers @ Lincoln Park's Bartell Field

Press box and bleachers @ Lincoln Park’s Bartell Field

The "Shack" still provides summer activities under the old oak trees (Photo: Kin Robles)

“The Shack” still provides summer activities under the old oak trees (Photo: Robles)

The park director's lair (Photo: Robles)

The park director’s lair (Photo: Robles)


“Lincoln Park was the park I attended weekly for Hawaiian Dance Lessons from Ida Gonzalez. The best part of that park was the huge long swings and the see saws..I just loved that park!”

Colleen Paiva

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