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Here is a list of the Alameda Recreation & Park Department Boys Baseball All-Stars from 1964.
PEE WEE LEAGUE – National Division

Franklin: Steve Choy, Dave Perata

Godfrey: Greg Peterson

Krusi: Kevin Kearney

Rittler: Mike Bartell, Dennis Reeder, Tim Marr

Others (park affiliation undetermined): Peter Annibale, Terry Davis, Mark Farley, Clarence Lewis, James Littlejohn, Mike McKee, Robert Villa

PEE WEE LEAGUE – American Division

Edison: Eric Jorgensen, David May

Franklin: Tom Curran, Andre Reynier

Others (park affiliation undetermined): Manny Abeyta, Sonny Cook, Rich Ensley, Tim Illacqua, Bob Leach, Albert Pamiroyan, Paul Ryan, Nick Sablan, Steve Sanchez, Ward Spangler


Estuary: Kenny Walker, Gary Wayne

Franklin: Jerry Carr, John Cressy

Rittler: John Dutcher

Woodstock: Lester Mina, Ron Hunter

Others (park affiliation undetermined): David Annibale, John Costello, Ron Demele, Mike Gordner, Maurice Lyons, Donald Meninga, Bruce Metzlar, John Norning, Steve Ratto, John Sablan, Jeff White


Estuary: Glen Abrams, Forrest Hayman, Wendell Jones

Franklin: Paul McBride

Godfrey: Dennis Peterson

Krusi: Mike Freccero

Others (park affiliation undetermined): Mel Arnerich, Paul Cox, Greg Estes, Gary Fascilla, Rich Fernandez, Paul Hoopaugh, Mark Jurgens, David Mauldin, Mike McKee, Barry Murphy, Andres Sablan, David Sims


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Strike up the NFL orchestra with the classic voice of John Facenda…

“Tiny muscles flexed in the August sun, they take the field of honor in pursuit of unclaimed glory. For twenty seven summers they have chased the prize with outstretched gloves and splintered pine. Pitted steel beneath well worn shoes, flash yet again across the dusty track. No ordinary rodents these, it’s a time for champions to claim their ring.”

Okay, so it’s not The Autumn Wind, but the 1970 Godfrey Gopher Pee Wee team deserves Raideresque acclaim as they brought the first ever ARPD baseball championship to Alameda’s Bay Farm Island community. Special thanks to Mike Maurice for venturing into his attic and sending this shot our way.

From the archive of Mike Maurice

From the archive of Mike Maurice

FRONT ROW (left to right): Morris Bonadona, Ron Carlson, Rusty Quintana, Jim Ogden, Martin Dickinson, John Sturman, Mike Maurice.

BACK ROW: Jerry Ogden, John Belmares, Mike Dickinson, Don Carlson, Roger Hand, Robbie Westerhoff

STANDING BEHIND: Mel Arnerich, Godfrey Park Director

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Gopher Big Bat

The July 27, 1970 edition of the Alameda Times Star’s weekly baseball supplement, Play Ball, declared Mark Regan the ARPD’s Midget League Player of the Week.

Photo credit: Bordanaro and Zarcone

Photo credit: Bordanaro and Zarcone

The one-paragraph article describing Regan’s heroics went on to read as follows: “Mark was the deciding factor in the Godfrey Gophers’ successful staving off of an upset-minded Woodstock Seal team and preserving their undefeated season mark. Going 2 for 4 at the plate, Mark produced a double and a grand slam homer while personally scoring seven times. With the Gophers leading in the sixth inning by a lone run 10-9, Mark totaled a pitch with the bases loaded and put Woodstock in a five-run hole with only one at bat left. Mark is currently batting at a .444 clip in Midget competition and is credited by Godfrey playground director Mel Arnerich as being one of the main reasons why his Midgets are leading the league. Mark is a fifth-grader at St. Philip Neri and both bats and throws left-handedly.”

Let’s did deeper into those numbers. Mark scored SEVEN RUNS?! We must conclude that Regan actually got to the plate seven times. In addition to his two hits in four official plate appearances, we can assume he also drew three base on balls and took advantage of two fielder’s choice plays or errors.

Nice work, Mr. Regan.

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ARPD Park Director


Mel continued his coaching ways long after he left the ARPD. He’s a recognized baseball man in the Santa Rosa, CA area and longtime sporting goods exec with T&B Sports. Mel, the son of former Coast Leaguer “Lil” Arnerich, also played pro baseball in the Cleveland Indians organization.

Tours of Duty: Godfrey (1969-70)

Mel Arnerich in 1970

Mel Arnerich in 1970

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