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The legend of Bob “Rocko” Rhodes, who by the way remains an Alameda fixture, started back in his youthful days with the ARPD. Bob began in the department’s employ as an umpire following graduation from the Sam Spear School of Umpiring in 1972. After two years on the circuit, Bob upped his game and paycheck by joining the ranks of the hallowed ARPD park directors. Many also recall Bob as the proprietor of “Rocko’s” on Park Street, a friendly establishment where he dispensed a weekly sermon from his watering hole pulpit to many former park rats.

Tours of Duty: Rittler (1973), Lincoln (1974), Krusi (1975) , Longfellow (1976), Woodstock (1977)


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Alameda (AP) – Thousands of rats are reported to be streaming into Alameda, California. Witnesses say that these are not your ordinary rodents but giant park rats (parkacius rodentus) weighing as much as three hundred pounds and reaching over six feet tall. Local authorities are asking residents of the island city to remain calm as these creatures are not dangerous and often make good pets.

“The giant park rat is making one of its rare migrations to Alameda” Professor E. R. Hildabrand of the University of California – Berkeley told reporters. “They pose no threat to humans unless you are holding a bag of sunflower seeds or a soda pop. In those instances you should place the food items on the ground and walk slowly away. The park rat is particularly attracted to bricks of pink popcorn and Cragmont Cola.”

The rats appear to be congregating at Upper Washington Park in Alameda. Scientists believe that this is a one day event that will hit its peak TODAY between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Local resident Dean Henry had this to say, “Gee! This is swell!”

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McKinley Park’s Doreen Curillo is the 1,999th former park rat identified by the tireless PlayBall! staff. Congratulations to Doreen who is shown below connecting on a pitch from Longfellow pitcher Connie Garnett. Both teams entered the game undefeated in this August, 1975 battle between the two Tiny Mite League heavyweights. Despite this effort, the Bears (6-1) would not be partying that day as the Tigers (7-0) would prevail 9-6.

However, PlayBall! – Alameda’s Sandlot Blog IS getting ready to pop the cork when ARPD Park Rat #2000 is identified. That should occur sometime this week as many of our dedicated readers continue to contribute names and faces from the golden age of ARPD baseball. Who will it be? Perhaps one of the many missing Estuary Rams? A Pirate? Lions, Tigers, or Bears? Surely there must be another Pamiroyan out there somewhere that we’ve yet to discover.

Little Doreen Curillo takes a big cut (Photo: Acamar)

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