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Today was a glorious day on the Garden Isle of Alameda and not just because of the weather! The sun was shining and the cry of “Play Ball!” was once again heard on city baseball diamonds as the new ARPD Youth Baseball League hit the field. Opening Day saw a new generation of kids playing ball in the park just as thousands of kids before them during the Golden Age of park league baseball.

A full compliment of young boys and girls decked out in brand new park league t-shirts were all smiles as the games got under way across Alameda. The crack of the bat brought grins not only to the players but also to those on hand. Cheers went up from the stands as the kids made one great play after another.

Members of the Park League Advisory Committee were on hand at Lincoln Park for the ceremonial start of the 2014 season. Along with the Dean of Alameda baseball, A.J. Lil Arnerich, were committee members Kevin Kennedy, Eric Cross, Adrienne Chaix, Cyndi LaCroix, and Kin Robles. ARPD chief, Amy Wooldridge was all smiles (and sighs of relief) as play got underway for the inaugural season. Rich Bullock Sr., former Lincoln Park Director, called the game as a volunteer umpire. Former park rats Mike Taylor (Lincoln) and Brett Pedersen (Krusi) came down to watch the action.

A young Lincoln Lion prepares to get his first hit of what will be a long t-shirt league career.

A young Lincoln Lion prepares to get his first hit of what will be a long t-shirt league career.

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in bringing back this Alameda institution. Your generosity and belief in the youth program, that to this day still defines a community, made the return of the t-shirt league possible.


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Park Director

Rich Bullock, Sr. was the Director at Lincoln when Tom “Sam” Spear made his legendary catch as a Lion outfielder. After his directing days, Rich settled down to produce his own nest of park rats and accomplished athletes. Rich was also very active in community events, including the successful “Save Edison Playground” movement. Neighborhood kids who proudly wore the Edison Indians colors went door-to-door gathering signatures to petition City powers that the Edison School playground continue as part of the recreation and parks program. They won the day!

A nice body of work Rich, worthy of consideration for the Alameda Park Rat Hall of Fame!

Tours of Duty: Lincoln (1958)

No photo available at this time… check the scrapbooks!

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