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The legend of Bob “Rocko” Rhodes, who by the way remains an Alameda fixture, started back in his youthful days with the ARPD. Bob began in the department’s employ as an umpire following graduation from the Sam Spear School of Umpiring in 1972. After two years on the circuit, Bob upped his game and paycheck by joining the ranks of the hallowed ARPD park directors. Many also recall Bob as the proprietor of “Rocko’s” on Park Street, a friendly establishment where he dispensed a weekly sermon from his watering hole pulpit to many former park rats.

Tours of Duty: Rittler (1973), Lincoln (1974), Krusi (1975) , Longfellow (1976), Woodstock (1977)


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Can you guess which of the people in the photo below will be at the First Pitch Party on Thursday night at the Alameda Theatre & Cineplex?

The Rittler Park staff, Bob Machin, Steve Cressy and Keri Spaulding, keep The Maltese Falcone company on Family Night in September 1975.

The Rittler Park staff, Bob Machin, Steve Cressy and Keri Spaulding, keep The Maltese Falcone company on Family Night in September 1975.

We’ll give you a hint: It won’t be former Giants pitcher Pete “The Maltese” Falcone.

VIP Tickets for the March 20 gala benefit are sold out! However, there are still General Admission tickets available for just $10.00. Come on down and see many of your park directors from back in the day. I guarantee that Bill Lietz will NOT be handing out bicycle tickets.

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Spotting a speedy roadrunner on the Garden Isle is an extremely rare occurence, however, our crack PlayBall! staff has uncovered one recorded sighting. Back in September of ’75 one such bird was captured on Kodachrome at Rittler Park!

Yes, readers, Jeff Oh of the Rittler Wildcats was photographed trying on the golden cleat he was awarded as winner of ARPD’s 1975 Outstanding Baserunner! The Pee-Wee League speedster tore up the bath paths that season and his legend will live on here on PlayBall! for future generations in the new park league to aspire to!

Road Runner Award winner Jeff Oh of the Rittler Wildcats.

Road Runner Award winner Jeff Oh of the Rittler Wildcats.

Speaking of the ARPD’s new t-shirt baseball league, have you purchased your tickets yet to the big fundraiser this coming Thursday night – March 20 – at the luxurious Alameda Theatre? If not, get your own gold cleats on and dash down to the box office today! You can also order online at www.alamedatheatres.com  It’s only $10.00 and owner Kyle Conner is standing by to welcome you to the fun!  BEEP! BEEP!

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ARPD Park Director

Tours of Duty: Franklin, Rittler

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Park Rat and Park Director

When Janice retired from park league softball for the Lincoln Lions she moved on to supervising park rats as a director.

Tours of Duty: Krusi, Rittler

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The editor is starting to lose it.

I‘m not much for paranormal activity, however, when the spirit of Otto Rittler paid me a visit last night I decided to hedge my bet. Will somebody PLEASE step up for Rittler so I can sleep at night. Otto and his Ghostly Boys Chorus are getting to me!

For a great story about Otto Rittler provided by Mike Bartell, visit the Rittler Park page.

Only 15 days left until the Alameda All-Parks Reunion. Saturday, July 31 at Upper Washington Park – Lil Arnerich Field – from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Bring your stories, a picnic lunch, lawn chairs and ice chest!

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Hey, Mark! You Rittler Wildcats need your help once again.

Mark Moser sporting white cleats and matching belt (Acamar photo)

Just like this great pick up you made on the diamond in 1974, your park needs someone to step up in the clutch as the All-Parks Reunion coordinator for Rittler. Come on guys, the job is easier than scooping up a Mark Ironside dribbler down the line.

All you have to do is hang the old Wildcat banner on the fence at Upper Washington. Make sure a couple of your park rats bring pop up tables. Maybe send an e-mail or two. It’s just that simple. Besides, you don’t want the ghost of Otto Rittler to start haunting your attic. Old Otto demands a good reunion presence from his namesakes. OH YEAH… did I mention that park coordinators get a FREE reunion t-shirt?

Just 16 more days until Alameda witnesses the return of the park rats! Contact John Canalin or PlayBall! today.

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