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Once upon a time, inquiring Alamedan’s rushed to get their news each morning from publisher Abe Koffman’s Alameda Times Star (10 cents worth more!). In the digital age, Alamedan’s in the know, still rush to the ol’ newspaper AND The Alamedan blog via their smart phones, tablets, and computers for the latest Island scoop.

Today’s edition of  The Alamedan alerted milenial masses about our new t-shirt baseball league and the First Pitch Benefit Party! Big shout out to blogger Michelle Ellison who’s been a big supporter of this effort from day one.

Visit The Alamedan today and read it for yourself!


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To quote the great Casey Stengel “It was amazin’!”

On behalf of the entire 2010 Alameda All Parks Reunion Team we want to thank everyone who made the event such a great day. True to form, West End hospitality welcomed hundreds of “kids” and family members back to their old ARPD stomping grounds for a day of happy memories. The common sentiment among all park rats and park directors in attendance can be summed up by the one question that all were asking: “When is the next one?”

A full recap of the days events is forthcoming, but we need a nap! You are all great people and we’re happy that no matter where you live today, Alamedans still have their sense of community… especially the park rats!

Kin Robles and John Canalin

El Presidente and The Chief of Staff (Photo courtesy of Lester Mina)

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Alameda (AP) – Thousands of rats are reported to be streaming into Alameda, California. Witnesses say that these are not your ordinary rodents but giant park rats (parkacius rodentus) weighing as much as three hundred pounds and reaching over six feet tall. Local authorities are asking residents of the island city to remain calm as these creatures are not dangerous and often make good pets.

“The giant park rat is making one of its rare migrations to Alameda” Professor E. R. Hildabrand of the University of California – Berkeley told reporters. “They pose no threat to humans unless you are holding a bag of sunflower seeds or a soda pop. In those instances you should place the food items on the ground and walk slowly away. The park rat is particularly attracted to bricks of pink popcorn and Cragmont Cola.”

The rats appear to be congregating at Upper Washington Park in Alameda. Scientists believe that this is a one day event that will hit its peak TODAY between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Local resident Dean Henry had this to say, “Gee! This is swell!”

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The Washington Pirates, and their former leader Roger Alexander, look forward to hosting the first Alameda All-Parks Reunion.

SATURDAY, JULY 31 – 11:00 to 4:00 PM

1:00 PM – Official Welcome and Commemoration – Special recognitions for the late Curt Motton (former park rat, Encinal HS, Baltimore Orioles); and Sandy Bertero a career ARPD employee and memorable former park director.

Bring your memories, picnic lunch, lawn chairs, ice chest, and all the family units (those long suffering folks who’ve heard stories of your childhood sandlot heroics for the past 30 years or longer). It’s going to be a great day!

And now, here’s the “Rajah” and some of your Buccaneer hosts…

ARPD Midget League Champs in 1975 (Acamar photo)

Top Row: Tony Reyes, Mike McGreaney, Tony Tramble, Park Director Roger Alexander, Marvin White, Butch Buchanan, Ben Brieger, Roger Viray, Rich Garcia, Chuck Contaxis.

Bottom Row: Can you name us?

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The Fleet Footed Feehan

Charlie Feehan looks like he means business when he says “I want to see wall-to-wall Franklin Eagles at the All-Parks Reunion next Saturday, July 31!! That means you, too, Bill Speier, even though you deserted your home park for Boys Club. I’ll forgive this traitorous act if you show up… maybe.”

Okay, Eagles. You heard “Fee”. Get your keysters down to Washington Park next weekend.

ATTENTION ALL PARKS: Folding tables and pop-ups are needed. Contact John Canalin or Adrienne Chaix-Alexander.

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Mr. Peabody and Sherman visit Franklin Park in 1968

Hey, Franklin Eagles!

In case you missed today’s comment from Marty Watkins, give it a read. It was an instant return trip to Franklin Park 1968 on Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine! Nice job, Marty. I hope we see you and your sister Kim at the All-Parks Reunion. Speaking of which…

You won’t need Mr. Peabody or Sherman to take a trip back in time to those carefree days of being a kid in Alameda. A simpler time when all you had to worry about was leaving the park to get home in time for dinner. Come on down to the Alameda All-Parks Reunion and see your old pals, teammates and park directors. Our own Wayback Machine will be at Washington Park on Saturday, July 31 from 11:00 am  to 4:00 pm.

Don’t miss out!

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Park Director

Rick contacted PlayBall! to let us know that he’ll be returning to his old Washington Park domain for the All-Parks Reunion. And he did! Rick is male park director #100 on our all-time roster!

Rick coached the 1972 Little Coast Nationals All-Star squad, along with Steve Weiss. Rick’s brother Gary, is also on the all-time park director roster.

Tours of Duty: Washington, Longfellow, Edison, Krusi, Franklin

Rick Fenstermaker in 1972 (J. Johnson photo)

Rick minus the sideburns in 2010 (Photo by Mina)

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